What Is A Specification?

Once you know the scope of your project, you’ll need a specification to describe exactly how it will be implemented.

The specification will define the required functionality for your project and how each business requirement will be achieved from a technical viewpoint.

This stage can include:

  • A business specification
  • A functional specification
  • A technical specification
  • Design work

System Specification

The functional specification includes user interaction elements, system process flows, key visual elements, and data storage details – this is a non-technical detail of how the system should function and you will eventually match the delivered system against it.

The technical specification is a document that will be used by developers creating the system. It follows on from the functional design, and details actual screens, as well as imports, exports, reports, KPIs and data fields. It’s essentially a guide as to how the system should be built, how it should behave, and how it will achieve the goals set out.

Design work

Depending on your project and needs, this stage will include some design work. This can be anywhere from sketched-out wireframes to high fidelity prototypes.  This is often the most effective way of demonstrating the journey at a high level to all stakeholders.


The cost of a specification depends hugely on the size of the project, but in our experience it represents a relatively small part of the total cost.
The amount of design work needed will depend on your objectives – the priority may be securing stakeholder buy-in, or it could be to get started as soon as possible. Talk to our project managers to find out more.

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