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Even the very best performing website needs to be found in order to be successful – but search marketing can be very challenging, with clicks costing up to £20+ per click in the financial services industry.

With such thin margins, proper tracking and attribution is vital. We’ve invested heavily in our S.A.L.M.O.N software’s tracking capabilities, allowing us to track performance to the keyword level and properly attribute a customer’s lifetime value to one or more campaigns.

Combine cutting edge tracking technology and a little creativity/experience, and we’re able to provide all of the ingredients of a successful search marketing campaign.

When mathematics meets creativity

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is about as close to an economist’s “perfect auction” as it gets, so every click counts.  We can make great improvement to a campaign’s performance by analysing trends and behaviour. It’s not a purely mathematical exercise though, as creativity is vital to design attractive and interesting advertisements that work.


This will vary hugely depending on your objectives and budget – but we are able to manage campaigns for a low, fixed percentage fee.
We can hugely improve visibility, but “position 1” is often not the most cost-effective way of acquiring business. Instead, we’ll find a cost per acquisition (CPA) that suits your business objectives and bid accordingly.
We can manage campaigns for all major search networks, including Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Manager

Harvey Carpenter
Harvey CarpenterDigital Marketing Manager
With a healthy passion for bounce rates, analytics and management information, Harvey is the person to speak to about all things digital marketing.

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