QA (Quality Assurance) & Testing

Quality Assurance and testing is most effective when it is built into the project, rather than an afterthought – so for this reason, each software project at Eclipse Financial Systems is assigned a QA & Test Analyst from day one. This helps us identify bugs and problems early on, saving time and money for your business.

Your QA & Test Analyst will design bespoke test plans for your project, execute browser, device and regression testing and perform manual acceptance testing before passing the software to your team. They’ll even be available for face-to-face training when needed.

As well as using specialist software, our analysts hold a wide range of physical devices to make sure your software performs as expected in practice as well as in theory.

Managed Testing, Integrated Into Your Project

A typical software project is planned with quality assurance involvement from day one, allowing your QA & Test analyst to become intimately familiar with your software solution over time. This ultimately reduces time spent, reduces risk and keeps costs low.

Testing As A Service

In addition to the integrated model, our in-house testing resource means we can now offer Testing as a Service. This is typically deployed when clients have limited testing resources for internal projects and wish to leverage our experience and tools to accelerate the testing process.

Meet Our QA & Test Analyst

Michelle Merritt
Michelle MerrittQA & Test Analyst
With tremendous attention to detail and a natural affinity with technology, Michelle leads our QA & Testing at Eclipse Financial Systems.

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