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Gone are the days of “batch and blast”.  With increased competition for attention, busy users and plenty of spam, it’s no longer sufficient to send out thousands of emails and hope for a response.

Instead, we can help you utilise email marketing to nurture valuable relationships with your clients, increasing repeat business, retention rates and recommendations.

Every system we build integrates with Silverpop, a market-leading email service provider, that lets us plan and execute advanced onboarding emails, win-back campaigns, nuture campaigns, abandonment emails, re-engagement campaigns, newsletters and more.

The importance of deliverability

“Deliverability” is a measure of how successfully a campaign reaches subscribers’ inboxes – as opposed to being blocked or throttled by ISPs, spam filters or poor network configuration.

With the growing popularity of webmail services like Gmail, deliverability is more important than ever as poor email practices could lead to reputational damage and difficulty in reaching your own customers.

As such, we take deliverability very seriously and make sure every campaign and transactional email follows best industry best practices, ensuring a problem-free experience. Our system features feedback loops with internet service providers, state-of-the-art tracking and extremely high volume capacity.


Yes, absolutely. Whilst most clients enjoy email marketing as part of their bespoke software solution, we can also offer email campaign management as a stand-alone service.
A sending domain is subdomain that authorises our system to send out emails on your behalf – for example, “@e.eclipsefinancialsystems.co.uk” might be ours. This improves deliverability considerably, without affecting your existing setup.
Depending on your needs, we can make sure all data is stored either within the EU, the US or Canada.

Meet our Digital Marketing Manager

Harvey Carpenter
Harvey CarpenterDigital Marketing Manager
With a healthy passion for bounce rates, analytics and management information, Harvey is the person to speak to about all things digital marketing.

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